Industrial Gas Plant

Our Industrial Gas Plants function as the best quality options to all-new plant contents. These utilize an assemblage of new and refurbished equipment so as to proffer performance & reliability as well as significant installed-cost savings to the clients. The plants are utilized to bring forth the gaseous physicals that are factory-made for employment in Industry.

Gas Generators

We offer Gas Generators, the peculiar apparatuses employed for gas-generation. Made to push a turbine or to form gas from a fluid or solid source, these are offered with sounding noise baffling as well as remote status observation. Bestowed with increased efficiency and reduced power consumption, the generators are applicable in inflation, fire suppression and various others.

Compressed Air Dryer

Offered Compressed Air Dryer are the optimal techniques of assuring the protection of several sensitive pneumatic instruments. Resistant to moisture, these have been specifically fabricated for extended service life and simplex desiccant change-outs. Applicable in various industries for assorted utilization in pneumatic tools, pneumatic instruments, pneumatic machines etc., these dryers utilize hollow fiber membrane technology.

Ammonia Cracking Unit

We offer Ammonia Cracking Unit, which are the devices used to split the molecules in a liquid or gas, commonly by electrolysis, into substances. The end product is normally a gas. These crackers are capable to divide the molecule at a great rate. In science and industry, these products are employed to divide two or more elements in a molecule. Efficient to make better separation of two and more elements in a molecule, these come with improved efficiency.

Carbon Molecular Sieves

We offer Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS), which are the porous carbon skeletal structures that remains after transmutation of a polymeric substance. These particles are hard and non-friable, highly porous, unbreakable and come with high surface areas. These are also hydrophobic and can be utilized in high humidity environments. Offered adsorbents provide great adsorptive strength if compared to spherical graphitized polymer carbon or other adsorbents.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels are the containers, which are engineered to hold liquids or gases at a pressure considerably contrasting to the ambient pressure. These are employed in a wide assortment of applications in both industrial as well as the private sectors. These work as domestic hot water storage tanks and industrial compressed air receivers. Offered pressure retaining structures enable quick accession to pig traps, filters, pipelines etc.

Oxygen Analyzers

We offer Oxygen Analyzers, which are the electronic devices used for the measurement of the oxygen proportion in the gas or fluid being analyzed. These are extensively used in medical applications such as respirators, anesthesia monitors and oxygen concentrators. Organized to check the levels for multiple gases, these equipment proffer effortless calibration than the typical analyzers and also make more accurate readings.

Gemu Changeover Valve

We offer Gemu Changeover Valves, which are utilized to connect two safety controls to a pressure system by making the use of one pipe joint. These facilitate a fecundity increase of the plant due to the continuous operation, which results in reduction of costs and service time. In this system, one safety valve stays in operation and another safety one is on stand-by.

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